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Welcome to Soller Composites!
Weaver, Distributor, Retailer, Manufacturer, Composite Builder

Award winning Consulting & Training
100% employee owned!

Composite Fabrics & Tow (1):
Carbon Fiber Fabrics

1K Carbon Fabric
(limited amounts of 1K are avail)

3K Carbon Fabric
6K Carbon Fabric
12K Carbon Fabric
24K Carbon Fabric

Aramid (ex. Kevlar) Fabrics
Kevlar Veil
Kevlar Fabric
Carbon Hybrid Fabrics

Carbon-Kevlar Fabrics
Carbon Fiberglass Fabrics
Carbon Fiberglass FabricsNew!!

Fiberglass Fabrics
Fiberglass Veil
Fiberglass Fabric

Colored Fabrics
Carbon Kevlar Fabric
Carbon Fiberglass Fabrics
Colored Fiberglass Fabrics
Colored Sleeving
Hybrid Colored Sleeves
Solid Colored Sleeves
Colored Tapes
Colored Tapes
UNI Carbon Fabrics
Carbon Biaxial Tapes
Carbon UNI Sleeving
Carbon Woven Tapes
Carbon Colored Tapes
Carbon Sleeves
Carbon Fiberglass Sleeves
Kevlar Sleeves
Fiberglass Sleeves
Treated Heat Shrink Tubing
Technical Specs

Epoxy supplies

Hiking Poles

Vacuum Bag Materials
Breather Fabric
Release Fabric
Composite Scissors
Other Supplies
Safety Supplies
Special Deals

Carbon Fiber Weaves
How to Vac Bag SleevesSleeve video
Choosing teh appropriate Resin
Making Composite Shafts
Composite Fabric Techniques
Resolving Epoxy Issues
Prepreg Fabrics
Safety & MSDS Info

Customer Product Showcase
Custom Payment Page


What's New!

We can Prepreg any fabric (min order or 50 yards). Contact us for more info.

Professional Epoxy
Now in 1/2 qt kits!

Click here for 375F Epoxy!!



Clear Shrink-tubing Tutorial

colored tape
4x4 & 4X4 V Carbon Twill in 50 & 60"

1K & 3K (3.5 to 10.5oz)
No Tail Custom Carbon Tapes 0.5" to 2" !

up to 12" 1K through 12K coming soon

****Just In: IM7 6oz & T700 20oz****sdfsdf
T700 UNI Fabric in 4oz, 9oz & 20oz up to 50" wide

High Modulus IM7 6oz UNI 10.4" & 24"

Shrink tubing for composite shafts now available in diameters up to 10.1"!!!!!

Colored Composites (2)
We Ship World-wide
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strength chart  Click here for our composite strength chart!

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